Track List

01. Night Cruisin
02. Orbit Lounge
03. The Sky
04. Space Time
05. Aristrchus (Kiss In The Moon)
06. Iapetus (Jazzy Moon)
07. Jovian System
08. Night in Ganymede
09. Runs After Time
10. Lighting The Future
11. Trip To The Born
12. Super Nova (Outer Samba)

From Shadow Records (SDW 079.2)
Featuring 12 tracks that includes soundtracks from the "Sex Slave Decalogue" and Future Jazz & Bossa songs by
Sunday Mitsuru.
"#1 in a series of Shadow New Artists Presentations." A multi-media meld of Drum'n'bass, Bossa nova, Jazz & Electronic Spy Music!" Enhanced CD with SPECIAL "Sex Slave" trailer animation!
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